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Watt Wedding Day Event

Love is in the Hair

With wedding season upon us, The Ruby Room partnered with Watt Brisbane to celebrate the newly-designed restaurant’s first Wedding Day Event. More than 65 couples gathered at the river-side venue to meet the best in the business from wedding dress makers to wedding cake bakers, and of course we were there to offer our bridal hairdressing expertise!

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Treat You with Treat Me

For any brides-to-be out there who couldn’t make it to this love-fest, we don’t want your hair to suffer on your big day because of it. We want your hair to be in optimum condition when you tie the knot, so we would like you to treat yourself with our Kevin Murphy Treat.Me blow dry package, so your locks shine just as bright as the diamond ring on your finger.


If you would like to book your bridal party in at The Ruby Room, please ring the salon at 3266 2435 for more information. We would be delighted to take part in your big day.

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