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Goldwell’s Hair Expo Sydney

Last month the ladies in red took it to Sydney to rock the stages of Goldwell’s Hair Expo. Hair Expo is the leading industry event of the year, where the who’s who of hair show up to do, inspire and learn more about what other than hair, so of course The Ruby Room was there! Laura, Helena, Kamy and Anthea presented on the conference’s main stage.

The gals stole the show with a Russian-inspired theme that seeped into every aspect of their presentation from the Russian military music to the tailored military garb and to the precision cut hairstyles the models donned.

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Master Stylist, Anthea, transformed our very own apprentice Macey for the show. Her red locks, now died purple and orange reflect the mood and essence of the main stage presentation. Macey continues to sport the look at The Ruby Room! Anthea and Kamy made an encore presentation on the Expo’s Launch Pad stage, where the two Ruby Room stylists offered their words of wisdom, inspiration and their favorite styling tips


Although the audience was filled with stylists, colourists and other industry experts, anyone can use their tips and tricks to create posh hair. One of their most used tricks is to apply a dry hairspray such as Evo’s Helmut to a blush brush and gently swipe the brush over the top of your head in a downward motion to rid your look of fly-a-ways, creating a polished finish. When the ladies wrapped up the show, Anthea hustled to the other end of the conference to put her scissors to the test. She entered her first cutting competition and earned 2nd place, the first of many more to come.


With all of the excitement and anticipation leading up to the event, The Ruby Room left Sydney feeling revitalized and continue to challenge themselves in the salon by creating the most unique, beautiful and glamorous looks yet! Stop in today!

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