Laura MacLeod's first Balayage Bootcamp of 2016!

First Balayage Bootcamp of the Year!

First Balayage Bootcamp was a success!

Laura kicked off her 2016 Balayage Bootcamp series this week with the team at Laura Hudson Hair Designs.

Balayage. Ombré. Colour melt.

We all know they are trending, but what the heck are they? We all know they are here to stay, but how in the world do you create them? Laura led a team of six stylists through the colouring motions and the theory behind these three similar, yet very different looks.


In french, this term means to sweep. Balayage is created by free-hand painting colour onto the hair by using a sweeping technique to create a natural effect.


Ombré translates to shading. The roots are noticeably darker at the root and much lighter on the ends. By far the most dramatic technique when going from dark to light.

Colour Melt:

The colour melt is the most seamless technique to go from dark to light. It is created by choosing monochromatic or harmonious, complimentary tones to give a subtle yet flawless look.




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